About the Agribusiness Dealroom

The Agribusiness Dealroom is a matchmaking platform that convenes stakeholders from the entire eco-system to facilitate partnerships and investments in African agriculture. It specifically supports governments and companies with access to finance and partnership opportunities. The Dealroom is expected to annually attract over 800 companies, 15 government delegations and 150 public and private investors exploring a wide range of investment opportunities.

Strategic objectives

The Agribusiness Dealroom delivers through four strategic objectives:
Investment mobilization
Bridging the US$100 billion financing gap in African agriculture through mobilizing a wide range of investment facilities and linking them to high potential SMEs and governments flagship programs
Sourcing in Africa
Expanding African markets and strengthening of agricultural supply chains through inclusive partnerships and platforms.
Ecosystem coordination
Driving a concerted and coherent effort towards allocation of institutional resources through a platform of ecosystem partners.
Enabling environment
Promoting an investment enabling environment through research, advocacy and policy recommendations.

What to expect at the Dealroom:

SME Matchmaking
Meetings between SMEs and investors seeking a wide range of capital needs (from US$500k to US$50m).
Country Presentations
Presentation of investment and partnership opportunities by governments.
Sourcing in Africa
Platform for enterprises and farmer organizations to connect with anchor buyers and traders.
Knowledge Program
Expert presentations and panels, knowledge sharing sessions and pitches.
Enabling Environment and Investment Dialogues
Public-private problem-solving sessions to address bottlenecks for selected deals.
Coalition of the willing
Networking with partners across the continent’s agriculture landscape.

Outcome of the Agribusiness Dealroom in 2020:

The 2020 Agribusiness Dealroom presented the largest convening in its three-year history, attracting more than 3,600 delegates from 91 countries around the world. Participants represented more than 700 SMEs, 31 governments and over 312 capital providers. Capital providers included institutional investors, impact investors, venture funds, development finance institutions and conventional financial institutions. The Dealroom also saw a strong representation of anchor buyers and business developmental partners seeking trade deals and service agreements with SMEs.

For more information about the Agribusiness Dealroom, download the report below:

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Registration to the Agribusiness Dealroom is free.

If you are interested in investment, investment opportunities and partnerships, click below. For any questions / clarifications about the platform, e-mail dealroom@agra.org.

Agribusiness Dealroom Secretariat – To reach out to us contact Mumbi Maina at the AGRA Agribusiness Dealroom Secretariat – mmumbi@agra.org.

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How to engage

Please reach out to us on dealroom@agra.org for any queries or support. The SMEs can be reached directly through the unique link found on their company profile page.