Tracy Kimathi

Founder, Baridi

Age 26, Female, Kenyan

Founder of Baridi

B.Sc. MGA Certificate, TFI Alumnus

Tracy is the founder of Tree_Sea.mals and a driven leader with an impressive short-term track record. Tracy has coordinated pan African networks and marshaled assorted and relevant resources to set up all Tree_Sea.mals activity to date. This has included raising over €303k donor funding to kickstart solar chilling activities in livestock markets and winning associated prizes and awards including MIT Solve, Innovate4Impact/Siemens Design Challenge, the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation and the 2XInitiative Challenge.

Watch Tracy Kimathi's Pitch Video for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize in 2021

Tracy Kimathi beat thousands of contestants to be in the top 14.

About Baridi

BARIDI: Solar Powered Cooling in East Africa’s Livestock Value-chain.

Our entry business models are Solar Powered Cold Rooms targeted to preserve over 292,000kgs of meat annually amongst urban commercial meat vendors. The specification of an individual proposed technology includes a 5kWp stand-alone PV system that provides energy to a 20ft cold room that inherently charges a Pay-As-You-Store service for a cost of 10ksh/kg per day for produce preservation. Each Solar Powered Cold Room that we aim to install has the ability to reduce emission impacts of up to 1,548kg CO2e/year, decrease 30% post-slaughter losses, and add a yearly economic benefit of €5250 for a vendor renting 1m3 of cold space.

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How to engage

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