Evangelista Chekera

Founder, Passion Poultry (PVT) Limited

Age 33, Female, Zimbabwean

Founder and Lead Innovator of Passion Poultry (PVT) Limited

Watch Evangelista Chekera's Pitch Video for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize in 2021

Evangelista Chekera beat thousands of contestants to be in the top 14.

About Passion Poultry (PVT) Limited

Our tagline is “Innovative poultry solution”. Our main product is the chick brooding device. We sell this as a full set or as components; that isthe brooder ring that confines the chicks ina specific area so that they do not run awayfrom the heat source. There is the heater that comes together with the heat reflector thatregulates heat within the brooding area. Theheater is powered by the biomass briquettewhich is a green alternative to charcoal. Thebriquettes are smokeless and sparkless, hencereducing respiratory diseases to the chicksand the farmer. The briquettes are made fromagricultural waste hence trees are saved. Ourcomplete brooding device helps farmers keeptheir chicks warm for between 6 to 12 hours, thereby offering them convenience. A farmerwith 200 birds needs 20kgs of briquettes perbatch. A consistent farmer does 6 batches peryear. They have freedom to carry out otheractivities without worrying about their chicks. We also offer technical advisory services tothese farmers. Our brooder rings are alsocompatible with gas heaters. Once a farmerhas passed the brooding period successfully it means they will have profits. As a result of this, they come back to passion poultry for processing products that we offer, mainly the mobile slaughterhouse.

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