Emanuel Ng’ambwa Kungu

Founder, Afri-Ecofeeds

Age 34, Male, Tanzanian

Co-Founder and Chief Finance Officer of Afri-Ecofeeds

Watch Emanuel Ng’ambwa Kungu's Pitch Video for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize in 2021

Emanuel Ng’ambwa Kungu beat thousands of contestants to be in the top 14.

About Afri-Ecofeeds

Afri-ecofeeds is a waste to value business enterprise that uses waste and byproducts from the food processing industry to manufacture low-cost livestock feeds so to increase smallholders’ farm productivity and profitability, improve nutrition and combat climate change. More than 4.6 million households who are smallholder farmers in Tanzania depend on livestock production for food and income but lack reliable and cost effective ways of feeding their livestock which leads to poor farm productivity, poor profitability and poor nutrition.

The business has innovated a processing technology that turns food waste and byproducts such as food peels, trimmings and related waste into quality and low-cost feeds for poultry, pigs and dairy cows. This feed product helps farmers to increase farm productivity and cut down feed costs by 35-45%, therefore, making farmers more profitable. This gives smallholder farmers a sustainable and cost-effective way of feeding their livestock. It also reduces food waste or loss in the food value chain and provides access to affordable food of animal origin such as meat, milk and eggs to low-income earners. Currently, the business sells its products to customers through local animal feed retailers and an online store. The business has created about 25 jobs and has an average annual turnover of USD 21,000. The business slogan isecofriendlyfeeds4sustainablefarming

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How to engage

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