Diana Orembe

Founder, Novfeed

Age 25, Female, Tanzanian

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Novfeed

Watch Diana Orembe's Pitch Video for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize in 2021

Diana Orembe beat thousands of contestants to be in the top 14.

About Novfeed

Novfeed is an Agritech company with the tagline; Science. Future. Feed. The company uses a proprietary chemical-free biotechnology to-cycle organic waste to produce affordable, sustainable, and high-quality bacteria-based protein ingredients targeting animal feed manufacturers. Novfeed startup is located in Dar es salaam, the largest waste producing area in the country producing 9,000mt per single day and protein ingredient supply gap of about 244,064 mt annually, and over 50% of protein demand of the country is utilized in Dar es Salaam industrial city. Dar es Salaam city has approximately 90 animal feed manufacturers, each with a demand range of 30-1000 tons per month of protein ingredients.

Six (6) feed millers have already indicated interest to purchase from Novfeed and signed one contract with feed miller who purchase atprice of $1,000/mt and supply feed to 50-70fish farmers per month. The bacteria-based protein production presents an excellent pathway for increasing the supply of animal feed from a natural, non-genetically modified sources. Simultaneously Novfeed can remove36,000 mt of waste from the environment in the first 3-years as well as the the70,000 tonnes of GHG emissions that would have otherwise been produced if the waste went to the Pugu dump or dumped illegally within the city. Novfeeds circular economy is an initial step in the right direction of innovative alternative protein ingredients, and waste solutions for Tanzania.

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