Costantine Edward

Founder, Agrilife Limited

Age 26, Male, Tanzanian

Managing Director of Agrilife Limited

Watch Costantine Edward's Pitch Video for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize in 2021

Costantine Edward beat thousands of contestants to be in the top 14.

About Agrilife Limited

AgriLife produces insect-based alternative protein by leveraging nature’s recycling agents an insects, through a natural and easily scalable process that is labor intensive and perfect for Africa. We are pioneering a wasteto nutrient insect technology using black soldier fly larvae to up-cycle organic waste into sustainable alternative protein ingredients for the poultry and fish feeds industry. At AgriLife we use a zero-waste circular system to produce eco-friendly alternative protein. By utilizing low-tech solutions we tackle food insecurity and waste; these qualities make us a resilient company that can outlast future challenges in Africa.

Through the use of Insects, we provide sustainable, adaptable and cost-efficient alternative sources of protein for poultry and fish feed. To keep a sustainable framework, we are breeding high quality insects in industrial scale. This feed helps poultry and fish farmers in Tanzania to reduce the cost of feed by 40%. Our business model is B2B2C: We sell to animal feed millers, distributors and farmers because this simplifies the logistical complexities of distribution. The revenue for our business derives from selling of alternative proteins to feed millers, distributors and farmers at $1/kg which is 30% less compared to $1.3/Kg of competitors price. At AgriLife, our solution involves efficiently collecting and processing organic waste from food growers, distillers, brewers, and fruits or vegetable markets to feed our black soldier fly larvae. In addition to reducing farmer costs, the company helps to reduce 7% of greenhouse gas emissions by up-cycling 48 tons of food waste annually

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