Chidinma Eriobu

Founder, Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited

Age 35, Female, Nigerian

Founder/CEO of Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited

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About Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited

Our company is a food processing and packaging company focusing on globalizing local food products in our immediate communities. We’re leveraging family units to get our products into the hands of our different categories of customers, hence our tagline is “healthy foods, healthy family”.

Our current product is Ukwa, known as African Breadfruit (or simply Breadfruit in English) a local food raw material sourced from eastern Nigeria. We process and package Ukwa into different forms of foods. We are making money through our different product lines, and through partnership deals with our logistics partners like FedEx. We are making money selling through a chain of distributors, retailers, drop-shippers and affiliate marketers.

Our main customers are Igbo men and women living in the urban areas. This includes more than 15% of Nigerian Igbos living in the diaspora, as well as other healthy food consumers, especially Africans dealing with diabetes in adults and children, HBP and weight-loss individuals.

We’re solving the problem of Ukwa food availability and sustainability and the problem of hunger. We are also solving the problem of poverty and unemployment. Another critical innovation is in the supply chain network of Ukwa Farmers, processors and distributors now built, and the introduction of Blockchain Technology (still in the process) which is aiding all year-round supply of Ukwa and more importantly, transparency, in the food processing and packaging. The chaff sieved off our Ukwa seeds are biodegradable, and therefore recycled into animal feeds and sold to the farmers. This has also been a revenue-generating channel for us as a company.

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