Alexandre Nshimiyimana

Founder, Saint Wing Limited

Age 30, Male, Rwandan

Founder of Sanit Wing

Watch Alexandre Nshimiyimana's Pitch Video for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize in 2021

Alexandre Nshimiyimana beat thousands of contestants to be in the top 14.

About Saint Wing Limited

Rwanda is ranked 3rd in avocado production in Africa where avocados have existed for over 40 years, yet there was no value addition done and farmers encountered massive post-harvest losses since avocados perish so fast and can’t be stored during the high yield seasons. And in my community Avocado was the cheapest fruit of all. And only a few thought about it. Rwanda being a landlocked country with very limited resources, it imported 65% of all the cosmetics spending over USD 35Million according to RDB. And all the avocado oil in the Rwandan market was imported which meant that most Rwandan families had limited options when it came to quality and price of the products. With the increasing demand for fresh avocado across the globe, this has triggered our interest to step in to bridge the gap. However, with the fresh avocado and the Avocado Oil, the market is bigger than ever thought, based on the 20Tn of oil monthly demand and 300Tn of fresh avocados to China market alone. Our products (cold-pressed avocado oil and cosmetics) have a global demand by other businesses from cosmetics manufacturers to the cosmetics retailers and consumers. We target B2B and B2C type of customers. We are the only company in the avocado value chain with a holistic approach keeping everything natural and original and creating zero wastes to our environment.

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