The SME Resource Bank

About the SME Resource Bank

The SME Resource Bank is a virtual repository of guiding materials that help SMEs to better prepare for and optimize their engagements with investors in the year-round Agribusiness Dealroom and beyond.

It will contain fundraising material such as comprehensive investment memos, robust financial models and market analysis information that will inform SMEs about the investment process and requirements and how to prepare for participation in the Agribusiness Dealroom.

The Resource Bank will be intensely used in the capacity building and Dealroom preparation of hundreds of SMEs and business development providers.

How to contribute to the SME Resource Bank

Contributors to the Resource Bank can engage in several ways as listed below:

Investment resource material including but not limited to; Investment life cycles, funding instruments, investor types, templates of key documents (financial models, business plan formats, investor teasers, financial projection guides, strategic plan templates etc.). The material may be in either written documents or audio-visual media.

Knowledge sharing webinars;
Participate in or organize SME capacity building webinars
focused on investment material for SME readiness.

Information sharing and active linkages between the Agribusiness Dealroom and all relevant investment programs your institution is running for optimal reach

Why contribute to the SME Resource Bank

The Resource Bank will be used by hundreds of SMEs, governments, and development partners to strengthen and optimize the investment pipeline. AS a contributor to the Resource Bank, your institution will be acknowledged on our website and all other collateral as a partner to the Agribusiness Dealroom repository and as a major contributor to SME development in African agriculture.

Contact us to contribute

If you are interested in contributing to the Resource Bank, please contact Mumbi Maina at Please share the name and address of the contact focal point from your organization.

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Guidance Documents

Understanding your Customer: Commercializing a new product and entering a market requires strategic methodology. This section has resources for private sector enterprises looking for a targeted marketing approach to reach their smallholder farmer customers. Resources include:

Developing a Strategic Plan: Once you understand your customers’ needs, the next step is to develop a plan to communicate your value proposition and market your product. This section has resources to define your value proposition and develop a plan for your business.

Prepare Your Company for Investment: Looking for an extra push to achieve your company’s financial objectives? This section has investor readiness resources and recommendations to help you secure funding to meet your company’s financial goals.

How to engage

Please reach out to us on for any queries or support. The SMEs can be reached directly through the unique link found on their company profile page.