Worthy General Supplies Limited

About the company

Worthy General Supplies Limited was established and registered in 1998 and later turned into limited by shares company in 2019. We are an off-taker in the farm commodities industry. We are specialized in 4 value chains, beans, pigeon peas, groundnuts and soya beans. We are planning to go into value addition.

 “Tell the Youth, tell the world, Agriculture is about more than looking at a number on a budget line. Agriculture is an investment. Farming is the way to go for Africa”

Miss Patience Tsokonombwe , Managing Director

Their Agribusiness Dealroom experience

“It was my first experience attending the Dealroom in October 2020. I went into the Dealroom seeking funding for the expansion and growth of my business. I was looking for Debt/Equity capital. The purpose of the capital was to expand my product lines some of which are to source funding for buying more farm commodities in the 2020 season which has currently started and also to seek capital to start value addition in food processing.”

“Nothing has so far worked for me as I did not manage to get any capital.”

“I learnt a lot of things from it as regards what other businesses are doing, especially in horticulture, greenhouses and value addition.”

“I feel investors should specifically scrutinise the profiles of the SMEs and offer to help after the whole event.”

Miss Patience Tsokonombwe , Managing Director

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How to engage

Please reach out to us on dealroom@agra.org for any queries or support. The SMEs can be reached directly through the unique link found on their company profile page.