WYN-BG trains women and youth smallholder farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices and integrate beekeeping into their crop farming. It supply’s the farmers with beehives and bee suits to rear bees on their farms and increase pollination services thereby doubling crop productivity. The company plants trees such as cashew, mango, and moringa for economic purposes and produces bee honey, and beeswax to sell for additional income. The company as well trains the farmers to produce natural cosmetics using herbs, honey and beeswax for sale. It also provides a ready market for the farmers by buying the products from them and selling to consumers.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

There are over 4 million smallholder farmers in Ghana who produce over 80% of the total agricultural production. These farmers are mostly very poor as a result of low crop productivity. The youth are therefore not attracted to agriculture and are unemployed. Standards of living amongst farmers are therefore often very low. Women and youth are the most vulnerable. The farmers are oblivious of the role of pollinators in crop farming and the role of pollination services in increasing crop productivity. Over 4 million smallholder farmers in Ghana need WYN-BG’s training in sustainable farming practices and beekeeping. The global honey market is valued at over US$7 billion. There are about 6 million households in Ghana and each household consumes about US$5 worth of honey per year implying a market of US$3 million per annum in Ghana. Each household also consume US$10 of natural cosmetics implying a local market of US$66 million.

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