Winich Farms is a tech-enabled agri start-up driving financial inclusion for small holder farmers by helping them build their credit score and connect their harvested produce to market which opens them up to financially inclusive services like credit and insurance

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Due to the high cost of setup by traditional banks and micro-lending institutions in rural communities, small holder farmers do not have access to financially inclusive services like credit and insurance. Additionally, with the long chain of middlemen, farmers do not get fair access to market hence do not get adequate value for their goods. To address this, we leveraged an already existing network of agent centres to double as collection centres cutting out middlemen activities and connect them directly to off takers (processor and buyer groups) which gives the farmers better value. Winich Farms uses its technology to connect farmers to market with the transaction history, and data gathered in the process and uses AI technology to assign them a credit score which in turn opens them to access credit via the company’s crowdfunding platform and partnerships with financial institutions

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