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Virunga Biotech is a Rwanda-based agribusiness exporting fresh produce (bitter gourd, french beans, green chili, okra, red chili, ridge gourd and sponge gourd) to Europe and UK based customers. As of 2022 (Q2), we have exported 306 metric tons to customers in France, Germany, Italy and the UK. 100% of our exported fresh produce is grown by coops and small scale farmers. Our integrated operations include financing and providing technical assistance to farmers.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Virunga Biotech currently cannot meet its demand of 160 tons per month as we have been supplying only 60 tons per month due to manual processing and the short shelf life of fresh produce. The completion of the new pack-house by November 2022 will allow us to increase the shelf life and process 160 tons per month. Europe’s and UK’s increased need for fresh food has helped to open up opportunities for exporting as these regions cannot grow these high value vegetables in Q1, Q2 and Q4 due to climatic conditions and the requirement for large numbers of manual staff. In order to complement the fresh produce processing and to ensure pack-house runs throughout the year, we plan to set up an avocado oil and gherkins (pickles) processing line in new pack-house.

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