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Veggie fresh Ltd is Export campony invested in agrobusiness specificaly for fruits and vegetables since April,2019. We have 12 permannt employees and 55 part time workers. In our first year our main market was UK only but now we export to Germarny, UK and UAE, to satisfy our markets. Fruits that we export mainly Avocados and passsion fruits, for vegetables we export chili, Okra and frensh beans we have contracts that is worthy 2Million USD per year. In partnership with A/N Hinga Ltd our vegetables products are certified by globle gap for Chili, Okra and French beans, our partnership based on rotation of our crop in production where after the harvest of dried chili we produce Okra and other produces in need of our farmers and local market. whowever we have huge challenge in logistics for we have a landlocked country we have to use airlights means which is very high cost and affect our competitivens in pricing on the market, it affects also our our consistance in supply and the quality of our produce. however we have been promissed to have a cargo flight soon and also we will have to invest in vegetable air buble autometed cleaning machine which will increase the shelflife from 3days to 7 days and maintain premium quality. Revenue in 2021 declined because in mid 2020 we experienced logistics challenges cause by breakout of COVID pandemic.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Rwanda agriculture produce in 2021 export grow at 39% in compare to the previous year, potantial markets has been UAE and Europe withich we are on and demand on the market is increasing every year. For now veggie fresh has a contract for EU market only worthy 1.5M dollars, however this market requires quality standard and consistancy in supply. Problems we are facing need to be solved to be able to compete are farming knowledge, cold chain control, logistics control and affordable cargo cost. Veggie Fresh in partnership with A/N Hinga Ltd we We have been training our farmers to maintain the quality, however there more investment required which are beyond our financial capacity that inclueds modern packerhouse, cold trucks, and with support with Gorvernment with we are promises to have cargo flights soon with we believe will facilitate us to increase our sells at afordable price.

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Fruit, Vegetables

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50% for Equity and 50% Debt
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