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Vanelim Enterprise is an agribusiness company using cereal grains for value added healthy breakfast cereal. Vanelim uses locally produced cereal grains with the aim of making it a first choice breakfast cereal for Ghanaian children and young adult. Our goal is to encourage Ghanaians to adapt the culture of consuming Made-in-Ghana breakfast cereal and also develop the habit of taking in breakfast. Vanelim creates market for the off-take of the cereal grains produced by local farmers, create employments opportunities for women especially and improve thee nutritional value of locally produced cereal through value addition. Our objective is to deliver well-known and internationally accepted breakfast cereals that competes with other known brand. Vanelim cereal products are located in 35 supermarkets outlet in Ghana.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

The average breakfast cereal import price stood at $2,473 per ton in 2021, picking up by 10% against the previous year. By sourcing our raw materials from the farmers we produce healthy nutritious cereal to help bridge the gap of importation

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