The association of Rwenzori Community (RCA) is a non government organisation, incorporated and limited by guarantee. It has a vision of having an empowered community with initiatives leading to improved livelihoods of the rural poor. RCA is located on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori in Kabarole district of western Uganda. RCA was established in the year 2,000 and has impacted the rural poor especially in Kabarole district by focusing on sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and creating farmers linkages to fair and sustainable markets.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

RCA has been supporting rural family farmers in smallholder livestock and bee keeping in the Rwenzori region to improve their livelihoods. More than 300 households in Kabarole district in Karangura subcounty have been supported with animal and bee keeping materials worth US$49,805.56. These animals include rabbits, pigs, goats, chicken, and turkeys. These farmers are organized into marketing associations for collective marketing of their livestock and bee products. RCA seeks to create a strong market linkage for a fair and sustainable market of these farmer owned enterprises.

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