SokoFresh’s innovative and circular business model unlocks cold storage and processing benefits at the first mile through a bundled offering of cold storage and market linkage to smallholder farmers and buyers.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

~40% of fruits and vegetables worth $140M are lost annually in Kenya due to poor aggregation and first-mile cold storage deficit. Although cold storage technologies exist, adoption is low due to seasonality, lack of financing, and lack of product-market fit. SokoFresh empowers farmers by directly connecting them to markets through the market linkage arm. It incorporates cooling and processing at farmgate at an affordable price, reducing post-harvest losses from ~40% to less than 5%. In this way, SokoFresh increases income for the farmers and supports the adoption of the cold storage service among smallholder farmers.

Company Information

Years of operation


Type of organization

Private company

Stage of the business

Growth stage

Agribusiness focus

Enabling (Cold storage)

Agriculture value chain(s) focus?

Food crops

Primary country of operation


Other country(ies) of operation


How many employees does your business have?


Does the business have more than 30% women ownership?


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Financing and expansion overview

How much capital is the company currently fundraising (US$)?


What is the split between equity and debt?

93.3% debt and 6.7% equity
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How to engage

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