Lenziemill is a family-owned business founded and registered in 2017 as an independent feed mill. Ownership structure → 50% female and 50% male, with one co-founder as youth. Our strategic objective → to address the existing supply gap in the animal feeds sub-sector by offering independent, high quality, and competitive animal feeds to both smallholders and semi-commercial farmers across Malawi

Market Opportunity/ Problem

MARKET GAPS: 1. Production of animal feeds is highly integrated within large-scale animal producers and raises quality and pricing issues for the sector; 2. Lack of inclusive innovative business models by existing millers because of wide-ranging and integrated business lines with missed opportunity for achieving inclusive impact; 3. For some feeds, such as fish feeds, there is completely no local manufacturing while producers solely depending on imported or home-made fish feed. SOLUTIONS: 1. Lenziemill plans to expand market share for poultry feeds via expansion of an inclusive “proof of concept” ‘Egg Hub’ model; 2. Roll-out production of fish feeds; 3. Invest in innovative and inclusive demand-creation model for fish feed

Company Information

Years of operation


Type of organization

Private company

Stage of the business

Early stage/ Startup

Agribusiness focus

Value addition/ processing

Agriculture value chain(s) focus?


Primary country of operation


Other country(ies) of operation


How many employees does your business have?


Does the business have more than 30% women ownership?


Does the business have more than 30% youth ownership (under 35 years)?


Financing and expansion overview

How much capital is the company currently fundraising (US$)?

USD 3,000,000

What is the split between equity and debt?

20% EQUITY, 80% DEBT
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