Lake Farms is a socially conscious aquaculture company that is transforming local fishing communities located along the shores of Lake Kariba. The company works with fishermen and women fish traders so as to build better communities, create sustainable businesses and end endemic poverty. Lake Farms works hard to promote and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its extensive operations. Small-scale (artisanal) fisheries in Zambia play an important role in income generation and food security at the household level. This sector has the potential to significantly increase its contribution to household income and food security.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Lake Farms is addressing three problems: 1. Lack of processing and packaging facilities that would preserve the quality attribute of Nile Tilapia and Crayfish immediately after removal from water. 2. Lack of large fishing boats and modern fishing gear for fishermen to travel on the lake. 3. Lack of opportunities for women to engage in gainful businesses. Lake Farms is solving these challenges by working closely with an aquaculture co-operative based in Siavonga and Sinazongwe districts, respectively, whose 1,000+ members supply the company with Crayfish and Nile Tilapia on a daily basis. In exchange, Lake Farms supplies the fishermen with boats, traps and life jackets. Lake Farms also sells Nile Tilapia that it harvests from the cages to women fish traders at a reduced price. The women sell the tilapia to their customers and use the money earned to buy groceries, pay school fees and hospital bills.

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Private company

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South Africa

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100% debt
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