Using a patentable technology based on sun and water, Koolboks, a cleantech startup based in France with a growing footprint in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, has created an affordable solution that is able to generate continuous cooling in the absence of power and sunlight. To further make the technology affordable, Koolboks has adopted the lease-to-own business model that enables customers to enjoy full access to their Koolhome units while they pay in small instalments. This model works with a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology that is enabled by mobile money and GSM-based machine-to-machine connectivity to remotely control and monitor the refrigerators usage, billing, and performance. Koolboks’ mission is to make refrigeration affordable and accessible to all.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

The average fish trader in Nigeria loses 30% of their product daily due to a lack of affordable, reliable refrigeration. Because the grid is unreliable, traders supplement with diesel generators, which are expensive and harmful to the environment. Solar refrigeration could be a potential solution. However, the up-front costs are prohibitive. Loans could help purchase these assets, but fish traders have no collateral and therefore are ineligible for most loans. Koolboks has adopted a lease-to-own business model that enables customers enjoy full access to affordable off grid refrigerator units while paying in small instalments. This model works using Pay-As-You-Go technology.

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Private company

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Early stage/ Startup

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$1.75M in Equity and $3.0M in Debt
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