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We are an agritech horticultural farming company that produces strawberies using pure hydroponics.. Hydroponics is a type of horticulture that grows plants in a soilless environment using only mineral nutrients to grow plants. Germin8 was co-founded by Ms. Aline Gaju and Ms. Doreen Karehe. We use hydroponics because this method of farming allows for predicatable harvest. With hydroponics, we are able to manage pH and nutrients to make sure plants are getting the exact nutrients they need. The Systems can be designed to make use of vertical space to grow more food on less land. We also recycle the water we use to conserve water. Using hydroponics also allows us to create farms in locations where soil conditions are too poor to support farming like Bugesera. We also use our voices as young female agriculturist to inspire the youth and women to venture into agriculture,

Market Opportunity/ Problem

It is predicted that by 2050, the world will need to produce 70% more food than we are already producing due to the growing population and increasing climate change. Agriculture is the backbone of Rwanda’s economy, it covers 39% of the GDP and 80% of employment, yet we are facing increasingly infertile soil, shortage of water, waste of produce due to soil-borne pests and disease and waste in nutrients, and limited land for production. All this calls for Rwanda and Rwandan youth to look into new ways of production that can account for all these issues that threaten food production in Rwanda and the world. At Germin8 we believe that technology is the way forward for a new generation of agriculturists.

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