Flo Muvina (FLM) is an agro-commodity supply chain catalyst – building a system that sustainably creating a constant market for smallholder farmers (in a sustainable manner) and guaranteeing food processors supply of grains all year round to meet their processing needs. Our focus commodities today include maize, paddy rice, soybean, sorghum and sesame.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

The demand for agro-commodities in Nigeria is huge. As at 2020, the demand gap for key staples like maize, rice and soybean was about 9.1 million MT (equivalent to US$5.9 billion in value). The agro-commodity sub-sector also plays a critical role in achieving national and inter-governmental food security objectives hence positioned to receiving incentives to drive growth and development in the space. Two major challenges faced by smallholder farmers in the agro-commodity space in Nigeria include a guaranteed market to off take their produce (SHFs) and access to quality input (seeds and fertilizers). Food processors in Nigeria also face a critical challenge around ensuring consistent and reliable supply of quality agro-commodities to meet their processing needs. Our aggregation model that situates warehouses in top producing communities allows SHFs to bring grains to our warehouses and get paid instantly while we facilitate seamless quality check and supply of same to food processors all year round.

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30% Equity and 70% debt
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