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EKAP is one of the leading companies in the import of agricultural inputs, tractors, motorcycles, threshing machines, fertilizers, herbicides, and phytosanitary products in Guinea. Additionally, the company embarked on farming and processing of rice by building a rice mill in Kankan in partnership with other local operators (Bobo Denken)

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Despite its strengths, Guinea has not yet achieved food self-sufficiency. To close this gap, the country imports large quantities of food. EKAP’s goal is to benefit from the recently created favourable environment for private investment in the areas of supply, production, marketing and agricultural services. Supported by the Agro-Industrial Consortium of Guinea (CAIG), EKAP has initiated an accelerated agricultural production program for food and nutritional security, through short-cycle agricultural production projects, to ensure the availability and accessibility of basic foodstuffs to the populations and in particular to the most affected sections of rural areas across the country.

Company Information

Years of operation


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Private company

Stage of the business

Early stage/ Startup

Agribusiness focus

Primary production

Agriculture value chain(s) focus?

Food crops

Primary country of operation


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Financing and expansion overview

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80% debt and 20% equity
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