Eja-Ice offers solar powered freezers through a lease to own scheme for women led fish retailers to support their refrigeration needs, mitigate fish waste and sustain their profit. Cold chain is critical for the preservation of all perishable items across the agricultural value chain and over the year the company has evolved to serve businesses across last mile and point of sale. Its objective is to enable consumers consume fresh, well preserved nutritious items, while supporting retailers in delivering value through the acquisition of earning assets such as solar powered freezers and mitigation of food waste.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Nigeria has an annual fish demand of 3.3 million metric tonnes and loses about 30% of its stock to waste due to poor cold chain infrastructure. This is the same across the agricultural value chain. The opportunity starts with aggregation and storage (Solar powered Dark Stores with cooling capacities), distribution (Solar powered cooling tricycle) and retail (Solar powered freezers). Eja-Ice offers solar powered cooling solution at the retail point and supports last mile delivery with its solar powered cooling tricycles. The product range cuts across all perishable items such as fish, meat, yogurt, chicken, vegetables etc.

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Private company

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20% Equity, 80% debt
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