E. Darkey and Associates was established with the mission to promote agribusiness and establish itself as an important vegetable producer and exporter of both local and exotic vegetables with a brand name synonymous with quality and consistency and with services that meet the social, economic and environmental well-being of the customers and the society at large. Notable vegetables marketed by E. Darkey and Associates include chilies, French beans, Butternut Squash, Coquettes, sweet potatoes and yams.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Orange-flesh/ purple-fleshed sweet potatoes are part of a trending demand for exotic and ethnic food in Europe. The consumption of sweet potatoes has more than doubled over the past 5 years and supermarkets are catering to this trend. Notably, sweet potato consumption in Ghana is now slowly growing and has gain market demand driven by demand from supermarkets, shops and individuals because of its vitamin, and antioxidant properties. Orange-flesh sweet potatoes, like all sweet potato roots are bulky and perishable unless they are processed or cured. This limits the distance over which sweet potato can be economically transported. Currently, production areas targeted for this project are not capable of generating surpluses as they tend to be relatively localized but dispersed. As such, sweet potato handling is a major problem. E.Darkey and Associates has dealt with this problem by training it outgrower on proper handling procedure and arranging with transport owner to convey produce to the park station. The company has also acquired a license for quality planting material to enable it to tap into the European market and grow quality roots.

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