Distribution Express (DITEX)


Since its creation, DITEX has been operating in GPS Tracking Solutions, providing customised Tracking Solutions to companies and individuals. By using the GPS Tracking Technology, DITEX has developed WhatsNear, a Mobile and Web Application, which aims to reduce the cost of agricultural products transportation by 50% and enhance intra-African trade.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

According to the Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP), 90% of agri-food production in Africa is provided by smallholders, most of whom have very limited access to transport infrastructure. As a result, transport costs represent 27.5% of the final sales price of agricultural products, and post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables cost up to 40% of total production, due to the lack of optimal options for transport.

Company Information

Years of operation


Type of organization

Private company

Stage of the business

Growth stage

Agribusiness focus

Enabling (Transport/logistics)

Agriculture value chain(s) focus?

Food crops

Primary country of operation


Other country(ies) of operation

Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Guinea, Swaziland and Democratic Republic of Congo

How many employees does your business have?


Does the business have more than 30% women ownership?


Does the business have more than 30% youth ownership (under 35 years)?


Financing and expansion overview

How much capital is the company currently fundraising (US$)?


What is the split between equity and debt?

20% equity, 80% debt
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How to engage

Please reach out to us on dealroom@agra.org for any queries or support. The SMEs can be reached directly through the unique link found on their company profile page.