Continuum Enterprises is a food processing company located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The company produces cassava derivatives such as high-quality cassava flour and starch. The company is poised to harness the latest technology in the food processing industry to deliver quality and nutritious food to its customers. Continuum Enterprises’ management team is vibrant and regularly upskilling to keep up with the new developments to bridge the gap in the food system.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

The market size of the cassava derivative business in Nigeria is over US$600 Million annually, and the share of Nigerian companies in this market is less than 10% of this total market. Therefore, there is a big opportunity for a company like Continuum Enterprises to fill this gap. The company’s finished products include high-quality cassava flour and starch are used predominantly in the food, pharmaceutical, and brewery industries.

Company Information

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30% equity and 70% debt
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