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Cato Foods is a fast-growing innovative food company that is dedicated to improving lives and livelihoods of people through processing and providing value-added nutritious food products that deliver essential micronutrients in staple foods. Cato Foods operations have increased from 1ton of cassava daily when it started in 2014 to 10tons of cassava daily currently. Cato Foods has been able to process food products including Garriplus, Fufuplus, Catobits snacks, high quality cassava flour and a cassava-based custard made from vitamin A and bio-fortified cassava by including smallholder farmers in its business model.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Malnutrition affects 1 in 3 people worldwide especially in the form of hidden hunger. This has further exacerbated the food security challenges faced by many vulnerable and base of the pyramid consumers in developing countries where nutritious food is unaffordable. The demand for Cato foods’ fortified Garri and Fufu increased from about 80tons to 391tons per annum from 2016 to 2019 using 1600tons of fortified cassava roots. In 2020, this demand spiked by more than 300% to over 1,200 tons requiring about 4,000 tons of fresh roots. This demand increase was due to the impact of Covid-19 and an increased awareness of the nutritional benefits of fortified cassava by consumers. Cato foods engages smallholder farmers to produce biofortified cassava, maize, and sweet potatoes which Cato foods uses in producing nutritious food for all age groups especially base of pyramid consumers.

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$250k – $500k

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Debt 70% and Equity 30%
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