Brastorne connects the unconnected across Africa, through its flagship service mAgri which bridges the digital gap for rural smallholder unconnected farmers in Africa by providing them with access to information, markets, low cost communication and financial inclusion without the need for internet or data.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

80% of rural households (~175m people) in Africa derive their livelihood from agriculture. Rural populations (~279m) in Africa remain disproportionately unconnected to the tools, opportunities, and services provided by the internet. This leads to limited access to information, markets, communication, and financing for small holder farmers. Farmers are exposed to harsh weather conditions, pests, and diseases, which can destroy their crops and harm their livestock and struggle to market their produce/livestock. These issues could be mitigated or avoided if farmers were empowered with the relevant, timely information, market access and are able to share knowledge with each other. The recurring result of this problem is stagnant or regressive productivity levels due to the lack of adequate information and opportunities resulting in an increase in poverty levels.

Company Information

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Type of organization

Private company

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Agribusiness focus

Enabling (Digital agriculture/aggregation platforms)

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Democratic Republic of Congo

How many employees does your business have?


Does the business have more than 30% women ownership?


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Financing and expansion overview

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What is the split between equity and debt?

16.7% debt and 83.3% equity
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