Best Food Solution


Best Food Solution is a Social enterprise which adds value to locally produced chili by processing it into innovative products like chili oil, chili powder and sundried chilies. We also make ecofriendly, affordable and effective chili-based pesticides. We work closely with farmers grouped into cooperatives whom we provide with selected seeds and buy their chilies products at an agreed price.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

2 years back, I got so shocked to find out that 121 tonnes metrics of Chili go to waste in Burundi yearly yet Burundi was spending over $18million USD in import of Chili from Rwanda. I decided to initiate Best Food Solution as a Chili processing company introducing innovative products like Chili oil, Chili powder, Chili powder and sundried Chilies.

Company Information

Years of operation


Type of organization

Private company

Stage of the business

Early stage/ Startup

Agribusiness focus


Agriculture value chain(s) focus?

Value addition

Primary country of operation


Other country(ies) of operation


How many employees does your business have?

Total of 34 including full-time and seasonal workers

Does the business have more than 30% women ownership?


Does the business have more than 30% youth ownership (under 35 years)?


Financing and expansion overview

How much capital is the company currently fundraising (US$)?


What is the split between equity and debt?

Not fundraising for debt
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How to engage

Please reach out to us on for any queries or support. The SMEs can be reached directly through the unique link found on their company profile page.