Awesome God Agro Allied Industries Limited


AGAAI LTD is company birthed with a vision to exterminate extreme poverty and excruciating hunger in our community through job creation and food security. To ensure this we encourage agriculture by producing and supplying hybrid crops such as Banana and Plantain Suckers, Avocado pear seedlings etc to farmers for optimal and quick yield. We also produce organic plants nutrients and crops care products such as fertilizer, nematicide, insecticides and pesticide so farmers can cultivate and nurture their crops naturally. In creating jobs, AGAAI LTD is into value chain production of banana and plantain crops, converting these crops waste to wealth by producing world class products out of its waste and turning local artisans to professionals.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Currently there is scarcity of fertilizer in Nigeria, 95% of fertilizer is imported and farmers are in dire need of crop nutrients. Also, Nigeria is exporting more than 99% POP sponge / flax from other countries everyday and the price of this flax is increasing, building industry are searching for this product. Moreover, there has been an infestation of pest and diseases in plantain farms Nigeria is not exporting banana and plantain owing to the fact that we have not been able to feed even the locals and farmers are looking for quality planting materials to increase farming capacity to larger scale . The price of paper is on the increase and industries are searching for alternatives, more than 95% papers used in Nigeria are exported from other countries. AGAAI LTD is here to fill these gaps providing these solutions. We produce organic crops care products and nutrients, we produce organic fiber as alternative to flax, we produce handmade papers from the waste of banana, we produce hybrid crops which is disease free and high quality to farmers. We are doing these in small scale and we hope to increase our productivity.

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