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Amayi is a female-founded food manufacturer at the nexus of female empowerment, poverty reduction and sustainability. Our products enable low-income and poor African women to quickly and affordably prepare a wide variety of authentic African meals. Since commencing operations, we’ve rolled out 5 products and have a presence in 60% of the country. With a CAGR of 114% p.a. we’ve demonstrated product-market fit and traction. We’re now focused on scaling up operations supported by a sustainable supply chain, and expanding our product portfolio and distribution network. Further growth opportunities include expansion of our export and B2B business.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Seasonality creates major price and supply volatility of key ingredients used in many African meals while increasing urbanization, the demands of work, and longer commutes mean less time to cook. These factors are exacerbated by deteriorating buying power in the face of increasing food prices. Existing products can be expensive, impractical or ill-suited because they are developed by foreigners and/or men. We therefore created products that enable our customers to quickly and affordably prepare authentic African meals in 30 minutes or less. Our products also appeal to the diaspora, who, from our Amazon selling experience, want good quality African products with a “taste of home”. Upside exists in the mainstream export market where demand for niche products from smaller brands is growing and HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers looking to reduce costs and preparation time. Our initial addressable market size is estimated to be US$500M excluding upside.

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