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Kepya is more than a marketplace. It is an ecosystem through which small scale farmers are able to interact with the market, accessing products and services that allow them to better carry out their activity, and where they can sell their production in a trustful environment. Through the installation of small warehouses (CSAs) in rural areas that are managed from an app integrated into a system linked to the different partners, it is possible to connect small farmers, often info-excluded, to the national market, allowing their needs to be met and their products to be marketed

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Angola’s agricultural GDP per capita is USD 0,85 when in Brazil is USD 25 and in Kenya is USD 40. Population grows at a pace of 3% while GDP growth is stagnant. The country is becoming poorer but focusing on agriculture as the new engine to support economical growth. However, the 9 million small holder farmers, who grow 80% of domestic production struggle to connect to the market. They have little access to inputs, serious difficulties in selling their products and suffer from many losses in productivity and waste. Being a large country with a dispersed population, the distances to consumer and trading urban centers can be great. Farmers are not only physically distant from the market, but also distant from market information. Kepya leverages its presence on the ground with technology and other startup partners to allow information and products to circulate between producers and buyers in the agricultural sector.

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Private company

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Early stage/ Startup

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USD 500.000

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100% equity
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How to engage

Please reach out to us on for any queries or support. The SMEs can be reached directly through the unique link found on their company profile page.