AfriSol is an integrated agro-processor currently investing along the animal protein value-chain with the aim of enhancing nutrition and wealth creation in Africa through working with smallholder farmers and improving access to affordable, quality animal sourced protein. The company is currently invested in dairy processing (butter, fresh milk, cultured milk, yoghurt, fresh cream and gee), poultry production with a focus on eggs, and animal feed manufacturing (currently suspended). AfriSol currently services the Rwandan and Eastern DRC markets. The dairy operations are currently processing about 75,000 liters per month, and is mainly focused on servicing restaurants, hotels and a few independent retailers. The poultry business currently produces about 15,000 eggs a day. About 40% of the eggs are sold into DRC while the rest are sold to hotels, restaurants and retailers. The company is domiciled in Rwanda, but with a Pan-African ambition.

Market Opportunity/ Problem

Levels of poverty and malnutrition in Rwanda and the rest of Africa are high. It has been proven that animal sourced protein especially from eggs and dairy products, significantly improve the nutrition of children. Egg consumption in Rwanda (before COVID) was 15 eggs per person per year. WHO recommends 180 eggs. This can be improved by increasing the affordability and accessibility of eggs. Integrating our poultry work with animal feed and paper egg tray manufacturing will ensure greater efficiencies and economies of scale. The government has partnered with NGOs and the private sector to promote the consumption of eggs. The continued growth in disposable incomes will also result in increased demand. There is also large demand for both dairy and poultry products in DRC, creating significant scope to develop the local market for both. Currently there are no branded eggs and there is scope for an alternative supplier of quality, affordable dairy products.

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Private company

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Poultry, Dairy processing

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50% equity, 50% debt
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