IDH Farmfit Fund B.V.

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The IDH Farmfit Fund is a EUR 100 million de-risking blended finance fund, representing a joint investment from the Dutch Government and four international brands. The IDH Farmfit Fund takes the highest risk positions in farmer related transactions, thereby reducing the farmer risk currently born by borrowers and lenders. By doing so, the IDH Farmfit Fund catalyzes commercial capital to co-invest in this sector and allows agri-commodity traders, agri SMEs, and/or financial institutions to expand the services that they provide to smallholder farmers. The Fund is also supported by a second loss guarantee facility, which can cover up to 50% of senior lenders’ loss in a transaction.

Capital Provider Overview

Region/Countries of focus

Sector & Ag. value chains focus
All value chains
Investment criteria

Names of select current/previous portfolio companies in the ag. space


Type of instruments

Guarantees, subordinated loans, mezzanine and equity

Ticket size range

USD 2.1m to USD 10m
Preferred currency of investment
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How to engage

Please reach out to us on for any queries or support. The SMEs can be reached directly through the unique link found on their company profile page.